If you spend time in nature, you’ve probably noticed that you feel happier out there than indoors. It leaves many questions running in your mind, how is such majesty possible? The strength of that mountain, standing there for all those years! The miracle of this single flower, infused with sunlight. The revelation of a tree, rooted deep in the earth, stretching to the sky, and bearing silent witness to the world around it! You feel awe and joy and are whole again.Yes it gave me such calmness and peace inside when I was out taking photos for this long maroon dress. The serene is amazingly beautiful. From the trees to the brown leaves on the ground, so cool, to top it all the monkeys were all over the place.
Nature displays incredible diversity in all her glory. There are fat trees and skinny ones, short ones and tall ones. Within a single clump of yellow flowers, you might see a pink one and realize that it’s a mutation. I mean the nature is full of the glory of all-powerful God.
In this faithful day I chose to put on this long dress that left me lifting it on one side in order to walk well with creamish pink high heeled shoes and golden bangles.
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Dress – Cute casual and official dresses boutique, Sasa Mall
High-heeled shoes – Dynamic fashion House
Golden bracelets – Accessorize






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