I love love love and love Blue diamonds. Just the thought of knowing that Blue Diamonds and blue diamond engagement rings are of the rarest colors of natural color diamonds found in planet earth it makes me love and adore them the more. Whenever I wear this dress that has blue diamond shape decorations, it reminds me of the blue diamonds and I’m seriously looking for an accessory with a blue diamond decorations.

Why blue? Because the color is mostly associated with royalty, heaven and power. My fascination on Blue Diamonds is totally and completely crazy and I won’t rest until I get one. Now you know.

Dressed in lime yellow and blue diamond decoration dress with red ankle boots.

Dress – 0726515775

Shoes – 0720655544

Photography by Byron heenie

IMG-20151019-WA0030 IMG-20151019-WA0031 IMG-20151019-WA0032


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