There are no colors as captivating, eye-catching, sensual and flirting as blue color combined with golden and dark blue (nearing purple) colors. They make a perfect match and block that you can never imagine.

Last weekend I went out for a photo shoot with Liana bridal house at a spectacular hotel and I have thought of sharing some of the gowns and ball dresses , event and dinner dresses with you glam family. The below dress is just a piece of a whole cake waiting for you. Whatโ€™s more captivating about the dress is that it is funnel shaped on the upper part with a bandeau neckline, fitting on the hips and six-piece flare like on the bottom. It is absolutely beautiful.

Check it out below.

Love you lovelies.


Dress โ€“ Liana Bridal house

Photography โ€“ Shamir photography

IMG-20151124-WA0016 IMG-20151124-WA0017 IMG-20151124-WA0084 IMG-20151124-WA0093 IMG-20151124-WA0053 IMG-20151215-WA0000


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