Whenever I see or buy something unique and stylish from a vendor or a shop I have a tendency of telling them to notify me whenever they bring in a new stock so that I don’t miss out on anything good because I’m a crazy shopper. If shopping for clothes, accessories, handbags, belts and jewelries was a well paying full employment job then I would have gladly given myself fully to it, but too bad.

If you’ve read my previous article on striped in yellow – sweater top 1 then you exactly know whom to contact for such stylish and glamorous sweater tops and the reasons as to why you should have 3 or more sweater tops in your wardrobe.

This one is slightly different from the other one, the hand-line and the waistline has a black band finish which is quite good.

A friend was curious enough to ask me why I go for buggy and hanging like sweater tops beneath the armpits, the reason as to why I go for such is because the hanging like sweater tops beneath the armpits helps you not to sweat a lot in case the sun appears abruptly on a rainy day or just on a sunny day.

So today’s’ outfit is a stripped maroon and black sweater top with a black pencil skirt and grey ankle boots. For details of where to get such sweater tops click on this link

Grey ankle boots – Thrifted somewhere in Kasarani

Photography by Byron Heenie

IMG-20151108-WA0014 IMG-20151108-WA0015 IMG-20151108-WA0011 IMG-20151108-WA0017


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