Well, I’ve never been an all-white person because white is so sensitive when it comes to catching dirt very first. Don’t get me wrong. I mean I ain’t a messy chick but I’ve been a little cautious when it comes to white dresses. However, last week I decided to go for an all-cream white dress. It’s isn’t long- up to knee point and plus the design on the chest (buttoned V-neck) and the flirty short slit in front makes it all stylish.

To bring out the fashion and style in it I accessorized with a brown leather belt that I bought it at Maasai market at 300 shillings and a multi-colored belt, blue clutch bag and black official high heels.

I’m fully baptized into white and all creamish white completely. Be on the lookout because you will be seeing more of white dresses/or cream-white dresses, I’m planning to buy more of them.

I wonder how but in the photos it is appearing to be all-white but in physical it is an all-cream white dress. All in all it’s classy, simple, stylish and official.


Dress – call 0725351813

Shoes – Accessory

Brown leather belt – Maasai Market

Multi-colored Belt – Vintage

Blue clutch bag – Wahida (0725351813)

Photography by Byron Heenie Photography

IMG_9332 IMG_9316 IMG_9326 IMG_9306 IMG_9305


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