There is nothing alluring, seductive, flirting and attractive as a ragged and holed sweater top. There is always a high sense of fashion in ragged clothes, be it trousers or tops or dresses or sweaters they always explicit fashion and style to its best. Now one can style a ragged trouser to look more official depending on the kind of top or shirt won, but for a sweater top one can hardly to do that especially if it is holed like mine. It will simply fit in casual category.

What I love most about this sweater top is the fact that I can style the sagging neck in different ways and plus I can actually where it upset down- the waist part on the neck and the neck on the waist. Really!!! Yes really, so possible. Check out the photos to see how possible it is.

Ragged and holed sweater top are always on the fleek, you better grab one for yourself because it’s never wiped out with time.

Grey denim trouser – Vintage

Ragged sweater top – 0726515775

Handbag – wardrobe

Shoes – gift

Photography By Byron Heenie

IMG_9269 IMG_9282 IMG_9293 IMG_9299 24


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