A special occasion calls for a special dress too. When I’m choosing a dress for a special occasion, many different key details come in mind. The type of event automatically may determine the appropriate length of a dress and the season/weather may influence my choice of fabric, colors, and patterns. What is unique about one-shoulder dresses is that, they are sophisticated, they give dramatic look and they also stand out no matter the occasion. Adding just the right styling elements to this kind of dress, from jewelry to footwear to the perfect hairstyle, can take a one-shoulder dress from just fine to super fabulous.

Tips on styling a one-shoulder dress
1. Select the right one-shoulder dress. If you are fond of your back can easily choose the one that dips low in the back.
2. Wear the right Bra. Go for a strapless or a convertible bra that have detachable straps that can be arranged in many ways, including a single strap for one-shoulder dress. In this case I’m wearing a strapless bra that is comfortable and helps the dress to stay put in place.

  1. Choose complimentary jewelry. Keep in mind that the unique neckline of a one-shoulder dress should be the fashion focal point so avoid flashy necklace and go for simple jewelry. Remember the way you choose to accessorize your dress can make or break an entire outfit. It is good to not wear a necklace completely like I have done to avoid a busy look.
  2. Go for dangling and attention-grabbing earrings, this is because earrings that dangle a few inches will draw the eye to the naked shoulder and unique neckline.
  3. Choose an elegant and appropriate hairstyle. If you have long hair like me take a special occasion as an opportunity to experiment with sweeping the hair off the neck in an attractive updo.
    6. No glamorous outfit is complete without a good pair of shoes to go with it. No matter what the occasion or the length of the dress, a pair of high heels is always a winner.
  4. Finally avoid any bag that has a shoulder strap or a wrist-let and go for a clutch bag that complement the dress.

Love you Lovelies.


Photography by Byron Heenie

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