Long time ago nobody would convince me into buying anything called boots. Call me old fashioned then and I will say damn yeah! I was ,but today it’s all different. I find myself going for boot kind of a shoe, from the ankle boots to middle leg boots to knee boots and even ti thigh boots that I’m so looking for them.

There is always a unique, stylish, trendy and ranch like perfect image that high-heeled boots brings out in a woman, so sophisticated and gisty that words aren’t enough to describe it. And for love of high-heeled boots, 3/4 of my shoes are boot like…mostly ankle boots because i find such going perfectly well with short and long skirts, short and long dresses and all kinds of trousers.

Today’s’ outfit is from a photoshoot that I took around August last year before my website crushed and lost everything. it is comprised of a multicolored scarf, a blue top, an avocado color of a kind sweater, black leggings tacked in the blue high-heeled boots.

Love you Lovelies.


IMG-20150901-WA0060 IMG-20150901-WA0059 IMG-20150901-WA0061 IMG-20150901-WA0062 IMG-20150901-WA0058


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