Yeah you read it right. It’s a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women creating a sleekly curvaceous silhouette on any figure. They say that cheongsam dresses show breathtaking femininity and sophistication that is appropriate for any occasion of which I totally and completely agree with them. The Chinese dress most has the China traditional features, national representation and can display the Eastern female’s beautiful classical clothing.

Today’s outfit is inspired by Cheongsam dresses. My outfit is more of a cheongsam lace dress where you get to put it on with tights/shorts and a top inside or whichever way you find it fit. I decided to go all black and blocked it with red ankle boots.

I know, I know you have seen them so many times, no doubt. It’s because they are my favorite. Goodness. The fit with each and every outfit.

Let me know your thoughts.

Battling with animal protein allergies but anyway that didn’t hinder me from having this shoot.

Love you Lovelies.


Dress – gift from a friend

Tights – wardrobe

Shoes- wardrobe

Photography By Ngash sage

IMG_9533 (1)

IMG_9550 IMG_9551 IMG_9552 IMG_9534 IMG_9553


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