The heading makes it sound like it was long ago, but no it wasn’t, Just a day ago. It was on early Sunday Morning that I took these photos #Sundaythingz. Was dressed in a sky blue sleeveless/ off-shoulder dress, a black and golden spike decorated necklace, golden earrings, golden wrist watch then completed the outfit with black high heels.

I love and love the design of the dress, especially the black ribbons on the sides and above and below the chest area, absolutely beautiful. It is my Sunday best. Reason; because my mama bought it for me.

Let me know your thoughts.

Love you Lovelies.


Dress – Gift

Shoes – Bata

Necklace – Birthday gift

Photography by Ngash Sage

IMG_9585 IMG_9581 IMG_9579 IMG_9574 IMG_9576 IMG_9571 - Copy


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