Someone invite me for a red carpet event now now, because I so feel like going for one in this super marvelous gown. One of the best of the best designs I’ve seen, but do I say. It is so adorable, lovely, classy, sophisticated, cool and glamorous at the same time.

I must say that the designer did a perfect work, keeping it simple but elegant.

There are those kind of dresses where you enjoy wearing them for that particular event, then the headache thereafter is how to wash it and  keep it or rather store it well for  it not to spoil. Most of the times clothes we envied and valued get spoilt within a short period of time because of how poorly we keep them. It’s good to learn how to take care of each kind of fabric, how to wash it and store it, to avoid spoiling them.

That aside, so on this faithful day, I put on this glamourous dress with red orange sharp shooter high heels, choker silver necklace, black with silver decorations earrings, white beaded bangles and one golden back that marches with my hair and my ring for a photoshoot just to showcase the design. Dress kept, awaiting red carpet event to rock it.

I know some of you go like, red orange sharp shooter heels!!! Girl really!!! It is never usual for a red carpet kind of dress. I be like, yeah really!!! This is where fashion defies all norms of peoples mind set. Come out of the common and do something different, which defies the usual people mindset, is my Motto.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


Dress- Fashion 254

Red orange sharp shooter heels – Dynamic fashion house

Bangles – Woolworth

Black and silver earrings – bought somewhere in town seem not to remember the shop.

Photography by Dreamland

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