Still in post valentine mood today, that basically means I had a super duper romantic Valentine yesterday. Surprisingly, time fly so fast when one is having such good moments but when one is having worst moments, time never seem to fly, it crawls.

O men!!! Yesterday was so brief, wish it was elongated a bit.

Hope you had a romantic Valentine too.

Back to the topic, semi-official elegant dress. Indeed you will agree with me that it is super-hot. The colors marry each other so perfectly, blue with gold. There is no other perfect combination of colors like these ones, beautiful. The golden flowery design on the blue shouldered dress sums the beauty of the dress.

A bit of golden black heels, golden chain, golden earrings, white-beaded bangle and golden bangle completes my outfit.

Love you Lovelies.


Golden Earrings and chain – Gift

Bangles – Woolworth

Dress and shoes – fashion 254

Photography by Dreamland

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