Yeah, somethings are so addictive. Just as some people are addicted to chocolate so I’m I addicted to this boutique. I mean every time I’m going shopping I will tell myself over and over again that I’m going to shop in a different boutique/shop/stall, but even after reminding  myself like a thousand times I still find myself going back to the same same boutique and hula I get what I wanted, so addicted.

It never disappoints, from luxurious red carpet dress, to super sexy dinner dresses, to flirty party dresses to cute official clothes, to bridal wear and to jumpsuits, to open high heels, to official heels, to high-heeled boots and to flat shoes, you can find all of these in that boutique, everything is perfect.

You don’t have to worry if you are petite or slim or medium or even plus size, because she has all sizes of outfits there in. You will be completely sorted out.

What amazes me is that all her clothes are super unique, stylish, and trendy. They are the kinds of class, sophistication, with elegancy to its’ finest. The types you won’t see anyone with it apart from yourself.

Maybe that is why I’m so addicted to fashion254 located at Greenhouse mall, ground floor, west wing side. You should visit the place. Warning! You might get addicted just like me.

I always crave for the days when new stock comes.

Today I’m wearing a sexy figure hugging hot pink dress, that flows all the way down covering my feet. I’ve gone with green and silver earrings just to block the color, and the silver to match with the silver chain on my waist.

The boutique is like a drug. I’m addicted.

Love you Lovelies.



Dress – fashion254

Earrings and bangles – Woolworth

Photography by dreamland

4940 4953-1 4958 4977



  1. It’s going to be particularly exhilarating the day I see the Mss Kaela donning a stylish Mother’s Union. I mean some of their youthful members with a wry sense of fashion might get therapy here…geeks!! I will deliberately pin up on my desktop that one!


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