Many are times do we ladies struggle a lot walking in heels, and this is because of lack of know-how. I admit at first one is bound to struggle here and there, twist your ankle, fall a bit, but when you master the simple steps, walking in heels will be like a piece of cake to you.

Rule 1. Relax your ankles

Rule 2. Relax your hips

Rule 3. Put your shoulders slight back so that you have a straight and upright posture

Rule 4. Heel to Toe

Rule 5. one leg in front of the other #walkonastraightline

Why do I have to walk in heels anyway? A lot of girls/women will question that but the fact remains that heels transforms each and every outfit.

  1. heels elongates your legs and tilts your body up and out.
  2. They bring out your figure out super well.
  3. They emphasize on your breasts and butt
  4. Heels transforms can transform any outfit to look elegant

Christian Dior said,” the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” And I saw Agree with Him.

If you are a beginner or someone who has been walking in heels and you want to learn how to walk in heels/walk properly in heels, well click on this link How to walk in stilletos.

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Love you Lovelies.

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