Many are the times we wear our cardigans the same old way, and it becomes boring. I mean we have to style it in different ways to kick away the monotony of the same old way of wearing the cardigan or fanny.


And so I’m going to show you the seven unique and easy ways of styling your cardigan/fanny using a brooch and safety pins. I advice you use a brooch that has a contrasting color to your cardigan, a color that is totally different from your cardigan color. For plain colored cardigans like mine, you can go for one colored, many colors or flowered brooches, but for cardigans that are multicolored go for one colored brooches.

I happen to misplace my black brooches and so I used the ones I had at the moment because I was so eager to show you how to style your cardigans and couldn’t wait, I used silver brooches. To see the video on how to go about styling your cardigan click on this link Ms Kaela YouTube .

Style 1.

going the normal usual way.


Style 2.

Hold the ends of the cardigan at the sides of your hips with safety pins. This look brings out your curves super well as you can see below.

IMG-20160304-WA0003 IMG-20160304-WA0004

Style 3. 

Using  a Brooch crisscross the cardigan front ends and then hold it firmly with the brooch on two opposite ends across. remember to slightly fold away the cardigan at the chest part to show the  top you’ve worn inside.

IMG-20160304-WA0010  Style 4.

Instead of holding the front ends of the cardigan across with a brooch, hold it vertically. One slightly above your breast and the other on the waist..but this time you crisscross the ends completely in that it looks like a dress top. For this style you don’t have to wear a top inside.


Style 5.

Simply hold the front ends of the cardigan with a brooch.


Style 6.

Lastly,tie a belt just below  your breast or on your lower waist, it can be a slim belt or a wide one, contrasting color from the cardigan, small buckle or wide/big buckle, whichever one, it will still look good. You can also wear a short dress, tube short dress or even shorts to add gist to the style instead of wearing tights like me.


Well lovelies, that is it for today. If you like it leave a comment, like and share it.

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