I’m not into jumpsuit that much but some just makes my heart melt away. Especially when they are a bit unique and simple. There are jumpsuits of all sorts of colors, from one colored to multicolored and to flowery kinds of jumpsuits, but the ones that I fall prey to are the one colored jumpsuits. I don’t know why but it just feel so easy to style them.

Today I was rocking this blue jumpsuit that has helicopter kinda design on the shoulder, baggy from hips going down and along V-neck. I blocked it with orange-red sharpshooter official high heels and a slim brown belt on the waist. I went for brown belt on the waist  because it compliments the blue color of the jumpsuit, and also to break monotony of the common red, black, yellow and pink ways of blocking the blue color.

Hope you like it. If you do like, share, and comment below.

Love n Love.


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