Street styles are always the hardest to pull out #tome because I’m used to official and formal kind of clothes, but today I tried to pullout the style. I call it street style because of the blue crop top, boyfriend boots, the boyfriend tights, the big belt on my waist and the scarf around my neck. it’s just fit for coffee with my girlfriends or out to run my own errands.

I’ve gone for a scarf that has a bit of brown patterns to march with the brown belt and the brown boyfriend boots. The brown color contrasts the blue crop top and the boyfriend tights. i love the fact that the tights have a zip at the bottom on both legs that i can choose to zip it or leave it open.

what’s your street style?

Love n Love.


IMG_9535 IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9545 IMG_9565 IMG_9572


Boyfriend shoes and belt- thrifted at Kasarani

Trouser and crop top – My wardrobe

scarf – thrifted somewhere in town

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