Horse-neck kind of tops are one of the stylish tops that will always remain top notch in the fashion world, due  to the very fact that one can wear it in many different ways,that is depending with the creativity of the owner. Such kind of tops are called horse-neck because of the sagging or baggy neckline whose size of the neck is the same as that of the waist, thus enabling one to be able to wear it up-side down.

Quickly by watching the video above and seeing the photos below you will see and know how I style my Horse-neck ragged-holed sweater top. If you have such kind of horse-neck top I believe watching the above video will be of help to you .

Style 1. sagging neck


Style 2. One bear shoulder -sideways shouldered



Style 3. Offshoulder

IMG_7861 IMG_7863

Style 4. Cover-neck


Style 5. Upside down one shoulder


Style 6. Upside down off shoulder

IMG_7886 IMG_7898

Such kind of tops as long as they fit perfectly well on your waist you can wear it with a skirt, trousers, shorts and body-con sleeveless dresses.

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Love n Love.



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