People love every cloth with the tag Adidas, be it original or fake they will just buy them. this is highly contributed by the fact that Adidas as a company has been able to maintain its legacy since its establishment in 1949. Being able to designs and manufactures products from sports shoes to clothing and to accessories it has been remained at the top notch in the market.
Some men has gone as far as wearing Adidas as their wedding garment, whereas women has gone as far as having nail art of Adidas. Some official shoes have been also manufactured with the logo of Adidas too. Motorbikes have also has been manufactured with Adidas label, and as time is passing by soon we’ll see Adidas cars.

It is highly associated with high class #Clothesfortherich, this is the true because the original Adidas products are so expensive beginning with the sportswear. Due to the fact that people love Adidas alot and its products are expensive, other companies have gone as far as manufacturing clothes and printing  them with Adidas logo even though they are ‘fake’, just to make sure every humanity is able to afford and wear Adidas.

having been able to maintain it’s position as  the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest in the world, after Nike it is highly appreciated and valued in the whole world.

thanks to our ‘rejareja’ cloth manufacturing companies that high percentage of the humanity can afford Adidas today.

I not exempted in love for Adidas I rocked mine with black and white Bata rubber shoes.

Love n Love.


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