There is nothing as tricky and as hard as entrusting a tailor with your material and having hope that he/she will design exactly what you want.  This is because sometimes they design something so different from what you had agreed upon, sometimes too small and a times too big, but there is a good thing about tailored dresses that is if you get a great tailor. Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity looks so darn good all the time? While designer clothes and a stylist may be part of the answer, the real secret is this: tailored clothing. Tailored clothes are clothes made to match your measurements, so they fit better and look better.

Benefits of Tailored made dresses below by craftsy.

“If you’re used to buying your clothes at the mall and wearing them as-is, have ever been frustrated that a garment you made from a pattern still doesn’t fit just right, or have struggled with picking out patterns that will produce flattering garments, tailored clothes will open up a whole new world for you. Clothes that truly fit will make you look better: taller, slimmer and more evenly proportioned. It may be hard to believe, but it’s completely true.

Who Should Tailor

While everyone can benefit from tailored clothes, some body types will find it to be more of a necessity than others.

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, tailoring your clothes might be non-negotiable. It can be tempting to celebrate a new figure with a brand new wardrobe, but with the time and money you would spend shopping or sewing new clothes, you would be better off channeling that energy into making the clothes you already have fit your new body. Reworking your current wardrobe will help you breathe new life into old favorites and hang on to quality pieces you don’t want to let go of.

If you are petite and tired of drowning in blouses or tripping over pant legs that are miles too long, tailoring your clothes will make you wonder how you ever got dressed in the morning before you discovered the secret to great fitting clothes. Clothing stores with petite lines are few are far between, and even if you go the route of sewing your own clothes you are bound for disappointment: commercial patterns are sized for a woman who is 5’5″ (that is to say, not petite). Tailoring your clothes will resolve fit issues across the board.

Plus size women will also benefit from tailored clothing. Tailored clothes will play up the parts of your figure you want to emphasize and skim over problem areas. Craftsy has a class catering to the unique fit issues of plus size women:”

By Craftsy.

I remember wearing this tailor made dress on the Elders Night at Moi University Christian Union. The dress was made to perfectly fit my measurements #figure. If you haven’t tried a tailor look for one and get your wardrobe stylish.

Love n Love.


Dress – my wardrobe

Shoes – stall G21 sasa mall

Accessories – my own

Photography by Daniel Godia.

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