With the showers of rains all over the country everyone is expecting a warm kind of outfit, choosing to defy the weather or rather going against the expectations of weather, just a few days ago I dressed in this magnificent silver white with yellow peplum event dress.

Being sleeveless with high side slit it is totally unfit for this kind of present weather, but anyways event are still being held, meaning the weather isn’t stopping important events from being carried out, and so for such kind of outfit you throw on top a poncho or a nice fitting coat or a trench coat just to keep you warm.

In regards to the weather, I’m also standing with the rest of the country praying for the families that lost their beloved ones in Huruma tragedy, the injured and those that are still searching for their loved ones, may God comfort you in this hard and trying moment.

Stay safe and keep warm.

Love you Lovelies.


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