They are fighting, fighting to outdo each other. One has to remain in the sky. So which one will be defeated? the sun or the moon? I keep on wondering as I watch through the window sipping coffee. As the sun keeps on appearing and disappearing and the trees dance to the wind wildly, one moment it’s warm and another minute its so cold, I can’t help it other than to shiver as I type this article. Thank goodness I have a coat near me, when the cold gets unbearable, it will come  in handy.

Unlike Kenya, it is a budding season here, as much as the fights in the sky keeps distracting my ears because the rumbles could be hard so loudly, my eyes are enjoying the scenery here. The flowers, the trees, and the banana trees are all budding up here. The red banana (Musa coccinia) have produced very attractive spikes of fiery red with yellow to orange coating at the ends so much like this outfit today.

Oh, finally the sun has given in to the heavy clouds and it is already drizzling here. It might be raining here but not as much as Kenya when I was leaving. Hope the rains have stopped over there, or is it still raining?

If yes, What are you doing to keep warm? Let me know.

Love you Lovelies.


IMG_1148 IMG_1151 IMG_1152 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1161

Dress – Fashion 254

Shoes – My wardrobe

Handbag – Bata



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