Evening dresses are usually available in different styles, colors,shades, texture and sizes and so choosing or buying the perfect one for the occasion can be really overwhelming. If you are not careful you may end up buying one which isn’t your size,or too tight, uncomfortable, buggy, un-proportional to your body, wrong material, wrong design etc and so it ends up being a one evening dress that is never to be worn again because of the disappointments you got . Many have been disappointed including my own self. I have three evening dresses that I wore only once and swore to myself never to wear them again. We don’t buy them to decorate our wardrobes but to be worn whenever needed and so based on my experience I tried to understand some few key things here and there to have in mind when buying an evening dress. Having learnt the key things I’m always happy whenever I choose a dinner dress because it serves the purpose and much more.

In order to choose the perfect one there are Four key things you need to put into consideration:

  1. Body shape -Straight, pear, spoon, hour glass, inverted triangle, oval and finally triangular this is because there are different evening dresses for different body shape. also knowing your height, waist and bust size are very key. Go for a dress that brings out the best of your body features , of course according to your body shape.
  2. Design and material -Choose the fabric that is comfortable for the season (cold/warm) and suitable for the occasion. The dress should feel as comfortable as it looks when worn.
  3. Occasion –  Is it dinner with spouse/family/friends/work colleagues, this should determine your overall decision. What I would wear for an evening with friends, isn’t the same for an evening with a spouse or colleagues or family, it will be different altogether.
  4.  Lastly, the color of the dress – this only apply for specific occasions that specify the theme color or if you have preference of color.

Each and Every woman deserve to splurge on an authentically flattering, elegant and stylish formal dress in terms of a Timeless look, bold look dress and as good as it feels kinda dress. and so choose wisely.

I believe a woman’s wardrobe isn’t complete without an evening dress. Having understood the key things above, you have no excuse, go ahead and buy them confidently, this time round no making mistakes no disappointments.

Has this article answered some of your questions? Well let me know. If it hasn’t answered yet , write the question on the comment box below and I will try as much as I can to answer you.

And if there are some of key things to consider that I have left out? Go ahead and comment below.

Thanks for taking your time to read this article.


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  1. Cherry bomb, your article is spot on. I love it to bits. It’s only Peccadillo is that it didn’t mention in no uncertain terms factor no. 5 which the cost/price tag of the dress. Maybe beause the heavy-lifting is the man’s burden. You rather summed it up awrily that ladies ought to “splurge on an authentically flattering, elegant and stylish formal dress in terms of a Timeless look, bold look dress and as good as it feels kinda dress”. Jaber just be fair to us- men, that isn’t a mess of pottage, it’s a costly affair!.

    • haha..they say cheap is expensive but that doesn’t overrule the fact that there are so many evening dresses at an affordable price. So don’t be troubled

  2. All said and done, none can take it away from that you’re effortless august in the dress. I egg you on to keep plugging away.

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