Unlike other normal / usual shorts wide leg shorts are the most flattering, unique and rare shorts ever, especially if its’ a middle length kinda shorts. Searching for them is like searching for gold in the most rarest place possible, they are very hard to find. For a very longtime I’ve been searching for them and I was so particular with mid-length but to no avail until three weeks ago on my en-route to Greenhouse mall I saw one at Toya market, I couldn’t take my eyes of it, going for only Kes. 500 I bought it.

I don’t know about you but to me there’s that jubilation feeling that I always feel whenever I buy something that I’ve been looking for, for a very long time, men! It’s like winning sports pesa after a very long time of trying and trying, haha to those who are so vigilant in betting I know you feel me, I was so overjoyed when I bought this cropped wide length shorts. So far it’s my best of the best short.

The material is a stretcher very soft cotton that assumes the body figure hence fits very well. In order not to cover its design I tucked in a black vest top with a pink butterfly with back dots decoration on the chest, gold and black earrings and brown sandals.

Do you like them? Yes or Nay? let me know your thoughts.



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wide leg shorts – Toya Market

Vest top – My wardrobe

Brown Sandals – Gift

Bronze and black earrings – Nakumatt mall Kisumu

Black beaded bracelet – Nakumatt mall Kisumu


    • Haha I bought it at Toya market. I can’t bet you getting exact design there but you can check just incase


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