My idea of a perfect vacation is not working or not having to work and having no appointments, especially the indoor vacations, love and love.


You do not have to go for a vacation with someone for it to be a vacation. Sometimes one need quiet time alone to fully relax.

In the past there are times I felt so weighed down,  stressed and extremely tired, sometimes I felt like my body will breakdown and my head will explode from all the multi-tasking of different works and everything else going on around me. I always came back home super tired not able to do anything. Thoughts like ‘I need a vacation so bad that I’m plotting my own kidnapping’ will often run in my mind. Yaay that’s where it gets to when you feel like your body is gonna break anytime any-minute. I wasn’t doing any justice to my body.

You see human body need to take a rest so as to be effective, having that in mind I came to appreciate taking three to five days off whereby I will go to a cool quite place, far away from people to take a rest.

Here is the gist. for a complete rest you also need comfy clothes to keep your body at ease too. Like it or not the clothes you put on can make you body relax or tensed up. What I have learnt with time is that indoor vacation needs a soft comfy fabric for complete relaxation. Trust me, you don’t wanna hard material that will leave you un-restful.

I’m the type of staying indoors all throughout the vacation especially when I know I have everything I need in the house/hotel, and so the soft comfy dresses  that leave me homey come in handy in such times. I also love loose, off-shoulder, one shoulder and short dresses too for indoor vacation. These dresses aren’t confined to indoors only but they are dresses that I can comfortably go out with in case I need to buy some few things.

Apart from soft fabric dresses, here a list of things that keeps me excited, relaxed and homey during the indoor vacation:

  1. Laptop for watching and watching and watching movies, series, talk shows, comedy and dramas #can’tgetenoughofjanethevirgin #partylikeamother #thedivergent Keeps my adrenaline on the move #littlebigshotsbySteveHarvey&BrokeGirls leaves my ribs aching, the #ellenashow so educative and of course #fashionbloggersTV for some tips
  2. A cup of coffee. Yaaay to keep me all awake following the series movies and to keep warm from all the cold that comes with without seeing the sun the whole day.
  3. Crunches/bites. I kinda love the loud but muffled grinding sound when chewing..keeps me busy while watching movies. Well, that explains why I always add weight every time I go for vacation.
  4. Drinks – It can never ever miss out , it’s like leaving my handbag behind.
  5. Modem – to keep me update with what’s going on around me, and also in case there’s poor WIFI connection, some are never stable.
  6. Dolly shoes to keep le feet warm throughout the stay. You can conquer with me if you don’t have fire place indoors can really be cold.
  7. Flash disk – that has 101 movies and series.
  8.  phone games e.g soda crush saga my best so far. I’m yet to invest in video games.
  9. makeup tool kit – I know you asking what for? of course is for trying out new looks for de vlogs
  10. My DSLR Camera – Yes.. for numerous videos and vlogs
  11. Finally bubble baths when I feel exhausted and tired or just to take a break from what I was doing.

There lovelies, now you know what I won’t miss out for a vacation.

What are some of the activities that excites you?

What have I left out? let me know by commenting below.

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Gecelik dresses – Nakumatt mall Kisumu Stall 1

Location – The Vic Hotel

Photographer – Paul

Makeup by me.


  1. That’s nice combination of activities dear, one can easily tell your hobby.. Ooohhh own I love such days.. I love cooking… I think 50% of my time I will spend trying out new recipes and making my own recipe… For the dressing, I completely concur with you. Though I would add short pants and spagtops.

    • Haha 50%on trying new recipes.. Amazing. Blessed is the man who will marry you. Anyway thanks.. The short pants will be great too.

  2. Looking gorgeous gal. I love the activities that excites you but I will add one to my list sleeping and sleeping and sleeping it’s a nice of relaxing and clearing the mind Haha …. Love the dresses amazing

    • Sleeping hah! It’s obvious I don’t have to list it… But be careful too much sleep can make you sick.
      And thanks again for stopping by.


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