During the day when working I was eagerly waiting for the time that I will sit down and type this article before the day ends, Glad its here already even though the day is coming to an end, It’s never to late haha.


Okay, I can’t believe its July already, whichever wings this year is using to fly I don’t know but if it’s indeed using wings then it’s flying pretty fast. This morning I was looking at the 2016 goals I had written at the beginning of January, and I was like ‘O boy , I still have a lot to do in order to accomplish them’, because I haven’t fulfilled the list and yet the year is halfway already.I’m worried, Whoosh! God help me!

If you haven’t yet checked your goals list to see if you have fulfilled some of the goals then you better because trust me this year is waiting for nobody. To those who have met the goals already ,thumbs up for you, to those who are halfway like me, put a little more effort, to those who haven’t met any goal yet, you surely have alot to do.

Sorry for stressing you with goals in this new month but seriously ponder on that because it has left me stressed already and I can’t help it but to jot down some of the strategies to put in in-order to fulfill the goals I had written for this year.

With goals jogging up our minds, today’s’ outfit is this gorgeous little black dress that I don’t seem to have enough of it. You see it has been sitting in my wardrobe for a very long time and last week I decided to take it for a walk and so I jumped into it , and with purple stilettos I left it with nothing to complain about.

I know, I know some of you are wondering, ‘with  the cold weather, how in the world are you managing it? Is it freeze and shine?’. No darling it’s just that I’m not in Kenya, it’s pretty much hot and sunny where I’ am.

With that question answered, go ahead and leave your thoughts about this outfit in the comment box below.

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Happy new month, July Lovelies.


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Dress – Wardrobe

Shoes – Backyard Shoes


  1. Happy new month to you too Kaela… 2016 Goals o my I don’t what to say but I will definitely ponder on that.
    You indeed did the dress some justice with those purple stilettos from backyard. Looking lovely.

  2. Haha thanks Mercy.
    Glad you passed by.
    all the best as you ponder on where you’ve reached in fulfilling your 2016 goals

  3. Happy new month to you Kaela. It’s kinda funny that I am a guy who follows your blogs but I think it’s just natural because I also learn on how to suprise the women around my life with the right kind of outfits at a particular time and environment.
    You are doing a good job Kaela. We are here to support your work and I believe in your vision. God bless you.

  4. Gal you look awesome in that dress. Why in the world was sitting in your wardrobe and yet it is so pretty?????
    Happy New Month to you too.


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