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Is your face an acne prone skin? Have you tried almost all kind of products but your face is still breaking out? Well, there’s something you are not doing right.

Acne affects both men and women, it spares no one from teenage age to adult. Not unless you are uncommonly blessed, you will definitely suffer from acne at one point in your life. Based on my own experience, I have had a super oily face and acne prone skin for as long as I remember.Leave alone the rashes, sometimes I get huge pimples one or two on my face that really irritates me.  To those who have suffered the same course, knows that dealing with acne can be tough! Because there are so many cleansing products and home remedies that can really confuse you and hence becomes so hard for you to know which products you should and shouldn’t use to get rid of acne. With time of jumping and dumping one product for another in order to have a clear skin, I’ve come to realize that some seemingly harmless habits can really be making your skin and acne worse. You see, if you struggle with acne, it’s very important that you take care of your acne properly in order to get that glow and clear skin.Based on my experience the below are some do’s and don’ts for acne prone skin that I have practiced myself that have yielded huge improvement on my face, and now my face is on it’s way to a clear and zit-free skin. It is really important that you follow the prevention tips to avoid acne breakouts.

The DON’TS for Acne Prone Skin

1.Don’t use the Exfoliating scrubs frequently. This will irritate the pimples and make the healing process longer.

2.Don’t squeeze or prick pimples and blackheads even if it’s tempting to do so. This will leave you with so many scars, some even permanent.

3. Don’t skip sunscreen. Even if the weather is dull and cloudy, UV rays get through and this will definitely worsen your skin.

4. Don’t use skin products apart from those recommended by your dermatologist. Remember the products that has  worked for your friend may not work on you so avoid using all other products that are not recommended by your dermatologist.

5. Don’t use oil base moisturizers or creams on your acne prone skin. It’s like pouring paraffin on fire expecting to put off the fire.

6. Don’t dab acne medication only on the pimples but apply it sparingly allover your face. Because most of the times acne jumps from one are of the face to the other e.g from cheeks to forehead

7. Don’t wear loads of makeup.This will clog your pores making it impossible for acne to clear.If you should go for only non-comedogenic products e.g sheer glow Foundation, Preferably use powder because it doesn’t support bacterial growth .

8. Don’t ever go to bed without removing your makeup.

9. Don’t roughly cleanse you skin, instead use a soft material if you have to , to avoid irritating the skin and spreading acne causing bacteria on the other parts of acne free skin on your face.

The DO’S for Acne Prone Skin

1. Do follow your dermatologist’s advice on medicinal and nutritional recommendations. Whenever you have questions on acne, it is always best to consult your dermatologist first.

2. Do eat lots of fruits and green vegetables daily and drink at least eight glasses of water in a day.

3. Do wash you pillowcases frequently, not forgetting your phone too so as to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria to your face.

4. Do wash your face with mild soap and clean water daily.  NB; do not over-wash to the point of drying your skin.

5. Do avoid hair falling on your face to prevent oil, dust, and hair products from irritating your skin.

6. Do put your hands off your face except when washing haha!

7. Do look for cleansers with either alpha hydroxy acids (lactic or glycolic) or beta hydroxy acids (salicyclic), or even better, a combination of the two. These products helps fight acne.

8. Do use dermatologist recommended medicine consistently.

Click on this link to listen to more dos and don’ts that will help you or your friend.

If you follow the above tips then before you know it your skin will be way better. Do not give up! There is no such thing as quick results when treating so be patient.  It is a regular and continuous process that you have to practice everyday to avoid breakouts and cure acne.

Hope this article is helpful to you.

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Wishing you a glowing, clear and zit-free skin.


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