I was among those who prayed and hoped Monday never comes or wishing there were 5 weekend days and 2 work days in a week but when work becomes a fun thing that you enjoy doing  then life becomes absolutely beautiful and enjoyable, no stress at all, you will feel a new being rising right in you wanting more and more of it, and all of a sudden Monday has no difference with Friday. waking up in the morning won’t be a struggle, staying awake up to late working won’t be an issue, it is just like watching movies, going swimming, going hikes and playing games etc. things that you will never find them boring, that is what exactly I mean.

I love what I do, my Career in statistics (employed),  fashion&Lifestyle blogging, commercial modeling and trying to put up a business.  Now, these careers are so involving and engaging, a times I felt like it was such a hustle jogging up in all of them right after campus last year. I felt drained and out of breath, it was so exhausting. Instead of finding pleasure and joy in my work, I felt frustrated, tired, overwhelmed and at some point I felt like I had to give up some of the above works, so as to be more effective. after giving it a thought I decided that whichever place I am, whatever kind of work I have to do , I’m gonna make a heaven out of it, and that is exactly how I started loving and made my work more fun.

It is no longer frustrating because anytime anywhere with the right tools with me I can whatever I wanna do, I only have to be flexible, willing and determined. The results are, nowadays I’m so consistent with my fashion blogging and you-tubing, having fun more fun and fun,

You can make your work fun. Here are some of the tips that made me enjoy my work.

  1. Let go of the notion that professionalism means being serious all the time.
  2. make your work place a place you enjoy being by decorating it
  3. compliment someone everyday
  4. take a few minutes everyday to take a walk
  5. join office team
  6. be appreciative
  7. Go for lunch together as a team
  8. hook up in the evening for games, movies or drinks
  9. check on your colleagues
  10. embrace the low times
  11. If you have more than one work like me that you engage yourself in then make sure you carry all the tools you need to jog up from one work to another when you feel like e.g I always carry my Camera, tripod stand and Laptop whenever I’m out of Nairobi to enable me keep up with fashion blogging and YouTube Videos, It has really helped me.

Remember friends make the world a better place, and 90% of fun at work will be contributed by people around you.

Hope you find joy, satisfaction, happiness and fun in whichever work you do.

Is there any other tip I’ve left out? Well, let me know.

Otherwise I’m glad you took your time to read through.

Hugs and Kisses.


Photography by my work colleague

denim pants – Vintage

Sweater top – Thrifted somewhere in Kasarani.

Lol these photos reminds me of my mum’s words when I was growing up ‘ Umeanza kumea pembe’

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