Knee length dresses make the 90% of my wardrobe but with this unbearable cold weather in Nairobi, layering it up is not enough, the cold is just too much. It has been quite a hustle for me trying to choose what to wear in the morning to keep me warm, because suddenly the clothes I termed warm to me they aren’t anymore, and I’m left with one option of layering it up which is not working so well either, poor Mskaela, I have to start shopping for extra warm clothes but for now the hot coffee and heater will do just fine.

I was looking at my fridge this morning and I was like ‘I really don’t need it for now, because the cold in the house is enough to preserve food for a very longtime’. You prepare food, serve it hot but within minutes, it becomes super cold, Whoosh! May God have mercy on us and save us from this cold.

and onto today’s outfit, it’s grey on grey styling, Pardon my photos, my photographer of a colleague concentrated much on the outfit and not face , hence the blurriness hehe..

So what are you doing to survive the cold weather in Nairobi? Let me know.

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Dress – Naivas Supermarket at the Mall

Denim Coat – Vintage

Skin tights – Wardrobe

Sandals – Wardrobe

DSC_0621 DSC_0624 DSC_0625 DSC_0627 DSC_0629 DSC_0630 DSC_0631


  1. Tihihi so true the cold in the house is enough to preserve the food.. You should see how I sandwich myself on heavy coats, legwarmers, gloves and to add on top a duvet when in the sitting just to keep warm… This Nairobi cold will kill us..
    Anyways you look lovely in that outfit.

  2. Better the houses are a bit warm coz of cookin but the offices, men! They are freezing cold, those of us who don’t have heaters, coffee is our only savior. For now trousers will do for me.

    • Yeah very true ..that is why I held it intentionally #spreadinglovesilently. Thanks Wanjiru, glad you passed by


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