In fact it is not just purple but royal purple with not even a single element of blue from afar. Do you know of a color blind syndrome(Deuteranopia)? of course, you have heard of it or have a friend who suffers from it or probably living with one. if it’s not my camera then my laptop is definitely suffering from it, because how in the world can I just explain why the top appears blue and yet it is royal purple? Don’t tell me it is Photoshop or any other professional photo editing software. Because I bet, it is not.

Color blind people confuse a blue and a purple, and so for a moment I doubted my sight and thought Hulaa, it has finally descended on me, color blindness. I took my dress top placed it against my laptop and camera to fully compare and confirm that it isn’t my eyes but one of the machines. then I saw the problem in both machines, some photos in my camera were royal Blue and some were royal purple, same to the laptop and I was like what the heck!

Still figuring out though how to take a photo of purple as purple and not blue. Any ideas to assist? drop them on the comment box below.

Surprisingly some of you will see the top dress photos as royal purple, others will see them as blue, where some will be stuck in between purplish blue or bluish purple depending on your gadget or your sight.

What is the color of the top dress according to you?


Nevertheless I love the the top dress to the moon and back, with black tights, black stilettos and golden with grey earrings that compliment my hair color y outfit was complete.

Oh the hair, so different. Let me know your thoughts on the hairstyle.

Love and Love


Top Dress – Sasa mall 3rd Floor 2nd last stall on your right.

Stilettos – My wardrobe

leggings- wardrobe

Earrings – Nakumatt mall Kisumu

Paul Photography

DSC_0001 DSC_0003 DSC_0005 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_1089 DSC_1093 DSC_1094 DSC_1101 DSC_1117 DSC_1140 DSC_1142 DSC_1146 DSC_1149


  1. My gadget is pure blue actually royal blue. My eyes aren’t lying to me that I’m sure of. Haha 😂 or should I say Like you ‘I swear it’s blue’
    Anyways, whether blue or purple of which I’m not seeing you look absolutely gorgeous.
    By the way the surrounding is so beautiful, where is that?

    • hehe blue, that is more worse but it’s ok . the top is so Royal Purple though in real sense.
      O I usually forget to write the location in my articles , I will improve in that. It is Hotel Vic Kisumu, it is so beautifully decorated.

      • It’s indeed beautiful though far away. When I visit Kisumu I will surely peep in and see for myself. Otherwise great work you are doing here. I love your fashion blog.

        • You should surely peep in, it is a home away from home.I love the place. If you are someone who loves quietness like me, then that is one sure place to visit.
          Thanks Mercy.

  2. The top is stunningly beautiful. I love it. In my phone some photos have deep purple and others seem to have a purplish blue color.
    You’ve written the direction of the shop only, I think the name of the shop will be so helpful, I’m very much interested in the top.

  3. I love and love the full outfit.
    Maybe the camera lighting might be the one bringing the change of color. You might consider adjusting that or taking raw photos then you edit the outfit into the original color.
    To me 2 are royal purple whereas others are purplish blue.

    • O, I didn’t know about that. I will try adjusting the lights and taking the photos in Raw mode rather than JPEG or high resolution
      Thanks dearest.


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