You ever wonder what is in your friends handbag or your friends friends friends handbag? it’s quite interesting to know. Just try being nosy and see how you’ll get amazed and shocked on the things you will see in their handbags. They say ‘Curiosity killed the cat but a times curiosity helps take away the ignorance and makes you learn and see things in a whole new picture.

You still wondering how? well, it is just because you get to know some of the essentials things you’ve been leaving behind which you shouldn’t at any time as a lady. We learn from each other.

I know men are so anxious to see the things so that they may know just why our handbags are too heavy.  Some carry extra pair of shoes, some full of receipts and receipts, some extra clothes, some food or snacks etc. the list is endless.

Well let’s find out what is in Ms. Kaela’s Handbag. click on this link to see.

What is in your handbag that isn’t in mines? Let me know by commenting below.


  1. Sema bread cramps and all sorts of receipts, by evening it’s like a garbage site, I have to empty it every evening.

  2. Hehe those wet wipes are too big o, way big than mines, but necessary. Love the video… Thumbs up for the good work you are doing.

    • Haha I know they are big, but they gonna last for a long time…Anyways thanks for taking your time to watch the video.

  3. I think I will get nosy with my friends handbags from today onwards so that I know what they carry in their handbag coz they are too big LOL, just like yours.


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