Loving and loving mini shorts, so mini but so preciously perfect. Shorts have a way of making one feel so cheeky, vibrant, young, ‘partish’, playful, jubilant and fresh, I don’t know how but that is exactly how I feel when I wear them. It makes one so comfortable with his or her skin, body and figure, just like embracing and loving the whole you.

In the African/Kenyan fashion world they my not be embraced that much but for me I embrace them whole-heartedly, because the feeling is amazing.

I choose brown shorts because it compliments well with my skin and a blue vest top to contrast the brown color and also make it pop out well.

I laughed when a friend said that he thought it was a body suit, he couldn’t differentiate my skin color in the video and that of shorts. and I was like ‘Boy you are so blind’

with this sunny weather they come in handy.

Go ahead and let me know your thoughts about the outfit.

To ladies are you comfortable with shorts, If not why?

To men will you allow your woman to rock in a pair of shorts once in a while. I not why?


Shorts – Burlesque Lingerie

Vest top – Adams market

Stilettos – Frances shoe parlor

Photography by Paul

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  1. You must be the most beautiful fashion blogger in Kenya,siunaua.
    If she gonna look as sexy and perfect like you, I will allow her to wear shorts LOL.


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