So extremely happy that my website has a whole new unique look, thanks to vortex technologies.

Talking of the new look, I also got one for myself, LOL as if looks are shopped! Anyways I decided to go blonde like wherever! Where did I get my inspiration from? well lets say that I love it when the hair is all blonde and then after a few weeks some black hair starts growing from the roots, the look is priceless. to achieve that I just had to go all blonde then wait a few weeks and gain the perfect look I want. However, I’m completely in love with all blonde, I might be tempted to maintain the whole look for sometime. Time will tell.

Back to the dress, It is timeless. It’s one of those dresses you wanna treasure for eternity in your wardrobe. How it flows with the body shape is definitely awesome. I love the nude color below the black lace and the mermaid flow it got. Talk of style, well this is the ultimate style.

The reason why I call it timeless it’s because you can wear this dress to almost all the occasions apart from going to the office with it. With nude and black you can pair it with any shoe and handbag and the results will be amazing. In a bid to maintain all the focus on the dress I only wore light golden earrings and my all time favorite bracelets. Well I would have talked of shoes, but too bad the just seem not be seen because of the dress length.

Okay lovelies, go ahead and give me your views on the new look of the website and also your thoughts on my new look.


Dress – Fashion254

Earrings – My wardrobe

Photography by Najos Photography












Word of the week: Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal line…
Keep your eyes focused on the goal line and entertain no negativity.



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