I hope it’s not too late…..
As the new month begins
I hope for you wonderful things
That a new page be turned
And fresh times will come.
May you also open your mind to possibilities
You will be amazed by what you are capable of,
You are powerful beyond all measure

I pray for your days to feel bright
For your sleep to be sweet in the night
For your health to be full
And your dreams to come true
May your heart feel happy and light throughout this month.


Meanwhile enjoy the photos I took a few weeks back at Aturukan Hotel Kitale.

Official Coat – My wardrobe
Skirt – Plum Pretty Fashions
Top – A long time ago top, I think I bought it when I was in second year campus. You are so right, I AM A KEEPER
Shoes – Backyard Shoes
Photoraphy by a random friend

dsc_0844-2 dsc_0833 dsc_0831 dsc_0837 dsc_0835 dsc_0840 dsc_0834 dsc_0841 dsc_0844 dsc_0847 dsc_0856 dsc_0856-2 dsc_0839
Love you Lovelies.


  1. I love how religiously I have to visit this site every single day. Thanks for the prayers Ms. Kaela. Amen to that.

  2. wow this is beautiful the article plus the author herself. I believe and receive the blessings in Jesus name. Be blessed Ms. Kaela

  3. Fantabulous stuff and wonderful ‘for me’ prayer! Thanks. Happy October, 2016 Ms Kaela!! Stunning you could keep clothes that long.

    • Thanks dear..haha yeah I keep things for along time.I probably should take them to fashion bloggers under 1000 sales market..coz they are many


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