It was one hell of a photo shoot. Photo shoot in the rains.
It was a dark, cold, windy and rainy that evening. My hair was already wet and I feared getting wet the whole body too, but in a bid to postpone the shoot, my photographer wasn’t ready to let the rains stop him, he was like we have to get the best shots in the rains and indeed we got the best photos so far with more best to come.

The sight of the raindrops at the background of most photos is priceless,phenomenal, magical and epic. Can’t stop staring at the photos. It ain’t easy to get such shots. Thumbs up to my amazing photographer of Najos photographer.

For the styling, since the dress was long, off shoulder and colored, I went with small silver earrings, bare neck so as to focus the attention on the dress, black shades, golden bracelet with a light blue bead that matches the light blue color in the dress and finally for my feet, favorite black official shoes which is barely seen.

Quote: ย To Get The Best, Give Your Best.

Enjoy the epic photos & the outfit.

Love you Lovelies.


img_9875 img_9892 img_9887-2 img_9872 img_9880 img_9868 img_9859 img_9858 img_9884 img_9901 img_9870 img_9888 img_9899 img_9902 img_9900 img_987200 img_9896 img_9889 img_9873 img_9861 img_9852 img_9862

Shoes – Frances Fashions
Dress –ย Fashion254
Shades – Gift (hehe I am a good receiver)
Bracelet – Gift (hehe I am a good receiver)
Earrings – I was almost typing ‘gift’ but then I remembered I bought them from Jays trendy collections
Photography by Najos Photography


  1. Stumbled on this site today. you are the true definition of beauty, style, fashion and inspiration. There’s no limit to what you can do. You are destined for greatness.


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