In fashion and style a small thing like jewelry, caps, goggles, belt, shades, earrings, and shoe design, can bring a whole new difference in ones’ outfit. It all determine with your goal look.

Example a dress worn with a flat shoe will give you a trimmed down look compared to that worn with stilettos to bring an elegant and bold look and that worn with boots to bring a semi-casual look, a trouser worn with snickers will give a different look when worn with boots or heels etc.How well you play with accessories you’ve got will determine you end look.

Today I went for a red dress with silver decor on the chest. The dress alone with official heels looks elegant enough for a meeting or event, but when I added a cap I trimmed it down to casual which also look spectacular.

I repeat styling a piece of cloth isn’t hard, it’s so simple, you just have to know how to play well with the little things you’ve got to give you different looks.

Enjoy the different looks of the same difference and let me know your thoughts.
Which one do you like the most, with the cap or without the cap?

Love you Lovelies.

img_9836 img_9823 img_9821 img_9840 img_9810 img_9807 img_9797 img_9777 img_9799 img_9785 img_9822 img_9790 img_9838 img_9839img_9813

Photography by Najos Photography
Shoes – Frances palace
Dress – My favorite boutique Fashion254
Cap – photographers
Bracelets – Wardrobe



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