Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue and the oceans too? Have you ever imagined the sky grey, purple, maroon, orange or green, and be like how awkward it would have been? Why did the maker just decided to paint the ceiling of our planet BLUE? I look at how planet earth like continent maps drawn or inscribe on a ball like image and realize that the dominant color is blue…it’s late evening and as I type this and my eyes hovering around my surrounding I realize that the dominant color in this office is also blue. I roll my eyes to my to what I’m wearing, blue, again my eyes back to the article scroll down and realize how blue the surrounding of these photos are and the gorgeous all flowing blue dress that leaves nothing for the imagination and it got me thinking blue, like blue-sky thinking.

Yeah, blue-sky thinking-new ideas, creativity, ambition, not limited by beliefs nor circumstances now, not limited by what my naked eyes can see, in other words thinking powerful positive thoughts full of new ideas. as they say blue sky thinking is creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs.  with blue sky thinking you are capable of bringing things into being. didn’t you know that Thoughts becomes things?  Well, now you know.

In the small amount of time that I managed to concentrate in what seemed like to be a psychology class, I heard that blue exhibits an inner security and confidence, you can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.It has a need for order and direction in its life. It’s calm, cool and relaxed.

Don’t mind about all the writing above I’m purely innocent just writing under the influence of the blue effect that got me thinking ‘skyly’ that is if there’s a name like that.


Doesn’t all the above words tell you how awesome I feel n’ feel this dress?

Well, you’ll get it no where else other than Fashion254

Photography by his amazing Najos Photography

Love you Lovelies.

Have a Blue-Sky Thinking.


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  1. Then somebody questions me why I visit here everyday.I call you blessed and gifted.Kudos girl. Got me thinking Blue-sky

  2. It has been long since I visited. Found everything new, the homepage design, the kind of photos, your hair n so on they are top notch. Good work gal. Keep it up.


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