They say Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, I couldn’t agree any more than that because in all ways it is indeed the ultimate high end sophistication.

You see style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Style is what you do with what you buy. Fashion ends quickly but style is forever. Style is in us, you just have to find it in you how to bring up pieces of clothes together to come out with ultimate killer style or look.

For some time I’ve been craving to have a denim shirt. I have denim coat and trousers but nothing like a denim shirt in my wardrobe. So this particular day I logged in into my FB account and saw an Ad for La Belle Fashion selling really cute denim shirts at a very affordable price, I planned, visited them and bought one for myself.

Whereas some people might love fitting, I love it loose a bit, that way I will get some ranch like look that is my all time favorite. I don’t know about you, but I find ranch like looks to be so fascinating, sophisticated and forever trendy.

I kept the shirt for months waiting to find a nice piece of bandage skirt to style it. I wanted something unique, something middle length and pencil like and I just happened to get to it at my favorite spot Fashion254. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t style it with any other piece of cloth, denim shirts definitely has many ways of styling it, but it’s just that I wanted this kind of look, Perfect.

Denim blue shirt buttoned downed to below the chest, the trilby black hat, long chain, black stilettos, black African beaded bracelet, golden bracelet, golden earrings with love shape bead and black middle-length bandage skirt completed my denim all time look. Simply classy and Fabulous.

what do you think?

Love you Lovelies.

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Photography by Najos Photography
Skirt – Fashion254
Denim Shirt – La Belle Fashions
Black Stilettos – Stall G21 Sasa Mall
African Beaded Bracelet – Kisumu Nakumatt Mega mall open stalls
Hat – Gift
Golden bracelet – Gift



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