It is a nice sunny and windy day to just sit under a tree and enjoy some Tom and Jerry kinda books. Those that will make your ribs ache with laughter, withholding nothing, just allowing your heart, body, soul and spirit to flow with the wind and sink in the beauty of the surrounding with admiration. No stress, No worries, No negativity just positive vibes/thoughts.

If its not reading, a nice stroll will do perfectly well while reminiscing about the beauty of life, the far you’ve come and what the future holds for you with a smile popping out every now and then. Writing new goals, planning, new projects to engage in, strategies etc. Now you know the reason I have a notebook and pen in my hands.

I love such meditation moments in such a beautiful place that I’m in.

That’s exactly how my Saturday is unfolding, so relaxed, smiling and loving my life .

What about you my Lovely, how is your Saturday unfolding?

Is it good like mine or more perfect?

Let me know.

Love you Lovelies.


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Vest top – Gifted hands
soft cotton trouser – Adams market
Shades & Choker necklace – Macy’s beauty hub
Sandals – Adams market



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