Have you ever seen something and it stuck in your mind like a glue forever?  it might have been an accident, a lady, a man, an event, something bad, something good, a dress, a coat, an animal, a movie, or a song etc.

Well I ain’t speaking about the crazy horrendous infernos, but those dresses when worn the memories are forever fresh in mind, they are unforgettable and lasting. 5 years later  someone can clearly remember what you wore for that event. Don’t I just love leaving a mark forever to be remembered?

This 2nd red carpet dress is one of the unforgettable dresses. The colors are so calm, cool and bold. I will not think twice of rocking it again on a red carpet because of it’s uniqueness, so beautiful.

Let me let the dress to speak for itself.

NB: For glamorous events it’s also perfect.

love n love you.

don’t forget to drop me your comment below the article of your thoughts on the dress.


img_0357 img_0353 img_0360 img_0356 img_0359 img_0352 img_0358 img_0361 img_0355

Photography by Najos Photography

Dress – Fashion254



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