As I had mention earlier in the red carpetness 1 I rather rock pure black rather going all red on a red carpet. This dress says it all, alluring.

For those who love showing some flesh on the red carpet or events, you can never go wrong with this black high-slit dress. It’s fascinating, attractive, appealing, enticing and fascinating no wonder the topic allure.

Was going through the photos while checking myself more than 5 times on the mirror. I be like ‘gal you need to hit the gym’ haha a story for another day. I have been hitting the gym hard nowadays, soon you’ll see the abs, yeaaaass.

This fascinating dress make our red carpetness 3 series. Is it dope?

Love you lovelies.

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img_0297 img_0298 img_0303 img_0301 img_0291 img_0302 img_0280 img_0300 img_0305 img_0283 img_0286

Dress – fashion254

Photographer – Najos photograpy

Shoes – Wardrobe


  1. So beautiful. You’ll make people forget about the event and stick they eyes on you. You are also very beautiful


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