This makes our 4th red carpet dress. The color yellow against the red carpet is awesome.

Reason; yellow contrasts red extremely well. Because of that, the photos will come out sparkling.

Whereas a full yellow dress might not be a darling to many, in this case #dress you might want to make it a darling for the red carpet, so gorgeous. This dress being a bare back and mini inside with a long flowing lace make it perfect for the red carpet. The style is timeless.

You style it with silver or gold or black or blue for the daring hearts it will look amazing.

Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.

Love you Lovelies.


img_0247 img_0257 img_0256 img_0264 img_0249 img_0240 img_0269 img_0251 img_0259 img_0254 img_0246 img_0248 img_0244

Dress by fashion254

Photography by Najos photography



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