There is time for everything, and with each period I always find myself fascinating and obsessed about particular things or a particular thing in the fashion world. There are times I’m into buying more and more earrings, a time I’m into jewels, a times into rings, a times into lipsticks variety etc.

Mes Obsessions is a time to time topic where I will be sharing what I’m into of-late, what’s new and trending in my world, Ms. Kaela’s Fashion World. It might be weekly, monthly or after a fortnight.

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So today my lovelies my cravings and obsessions are;

  1. Midi Rings

I wasn’t a fun of them not longtime ago, but of-late I’ve been so obsessed with them. I can’t leave my house without them, and when I do, I feel as though naked. They have become my everyday basic cloth. I love the way they make my fingers sparkle and make them look absolutely beautiful. I’m so completely in love with them.

dsc_0071 dsc_0072 dsc_0073

2. Sunglasses

When I was given one as a gift, that was the beginning of my obsession. I never seem to have enough of them, I just keep on buying, buying and buying them. The clear sunglasses, the double color shades and the dark sunglasses are what mesmerizes my heart for now. Especially the double color shades is a must have my lovelies, it’s so exotic.  Hopefully next time I will talk about different shapes. But for now enjoy the below sunglasses

dsc_0083 dsc_0068 dsc_0079 dsc_0078dsc_0052 dsc_0077 dsc_0060 dsc_0075 dsc_0080 dsc_0081 dsc_0082 dsc_0048 dsc_0182

Well Lovelies, which one is your favorite Sunglasses?

What are you obsessing on currently?

Let me know on the comment box below.

Have a great Sunday Evening Lovelies.


Sunglasses and midi-rings from Macy’s beautyhub



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