All the colors, the African beaded bracelets, the Kitenge and my back-in-the-old hairstyle, just make me appreciate and love Africa more. The colors of Africa are beautiful. #ProudlyAfrican

My hairstyle takes me back in the days of nursery and primary school in Taita, Mgange Village. Those are the times I used to do drop lines hairstyle and ‘Mosodo’. Yeaas my mum was the saloonist. It was the trend and style of every girl child. The days when I’ll see mature women and I will desire to be like them. I was anxious of growing up, with funny dreams of becoming an air hostess and yet I had not realized myself, what I love, what I like, My passions etc. Talking of air hostess, have you ever wonder why all female children when asked they all wanna become an Air Hostess? Who knows?

I just woke up today loving myself, my culture, my country, my continent, my peopleĀ  and decided to have a little bit of colors of Africa on the blog. My friend had the crazy idea of plating my hair.

With my dress top, wedge heels, African beaded bracelets, kitenge and silver necklace completed my look. Can’t wait to come up with a nice spectacular unique African design for this material that will blow your minds away. Any ideas?

It’s long since I did such kind of a hairstyle-shabby drop lines, How does it look on me?

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Love you lovelies.



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Whole outfit from my Wardrobe.

Photography by my friend.



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