There are those Saturdays I just wanna look pretty and sit on my coach the whole day watching endless series movie, chatting with my sister, listening to songs, discussing politics #actingexpert , obsessing about things, agreeing and disagreeing with her, jotting down some wanna-do plans, Fantasizing on our dream weddings, our ideal kinda of a man, our hobbies etc. with rounds of crunches, food, juice, fruits after every lapse of 2-3hrs. What amazes me is that we never get tire or feel dizzy on such days, we totally enjoy each others time whether good or bad haha.

Today being one of those Saturdays where I know my nails, hair, and eyebrows are in a horrible state but still I’m too lazy to step out of the house. So what do I do? I succumb to the laziness, grab my home nail-kit and do it myself at the comfort of my house.

And of course on such kind of days there is no such thing like full makeup. just some moisturizer, lipstick and eyeliner, damn done!!!

So while lazing around one of us just had a nice idea of taking photos, below do they appear.

Do you have such lazy days where you don’t wanna do anything? what keeps you busy on the coach?

let me know in the comment box below.

Love you Lovelies.


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