Glad and excited knowing that it is my first time sharing a friendly shoot with my work friend here on my blog.

On Thursday very very very early in the morning we woke up for a few shoots here and there, reason? I liked her outfit, the chiffon top with official black trouser. My friend Martha is always rocking awesome official outfits, I must say her official wardrobe is dope; I wonder why it took me so long to take some few photos of her.

I don’t punish myself with cold in such kind of a rainy weather we are experiencing in Nairobi this season and so I went for a warmer outfit, a mini sweater dress, stocking, and a denim coat.

Below are the photos.

Let me know your thoughts on our outfits by commenting below.


Love you all.

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Photography by me and her.

Denim coat – Vintage

Nude Heels – Frances Collection

Sweater dress and stockings – My wardrobe.

Martha’s outfit – Her Wardrobe


  1. You can take her daily work outfits so that we may pick a few ideas here and there from her. Otherwise you gals are looking awesome


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