If you can remember clearly last Sunday it was raining a lot with emergency breaks in between LoL and then drrr drrrr drrr it will go again. A little sunshine, a lot of rains, a little sunshine then lots of rains was the trend the whole day. I wonder what was happening in the heaven above.

At around 3:30 pm my sister was like, ‘let’s go for a hot soup or for a pizza at village market’. I fear driving in the rains and so I was like ‘oh no gal until these rains stop we going nowhere’. But then within minutes the rains stopped and the sunshine was all out, I had no excuse and we decided to go enjoy Chicken soup (Vegetable) or a pizza. No sooner had we started driving towards the gate than the rains started pouring heavily again, I was like O good Lord what is just happening up there? You know how I fear driving in the rains…my sister who was opening the gate couldn’t stop laughing at me while she was being rained on.

and as the routine of that day, within a few mins there was sunshine again until we reached village market. On reaching there i breathed out heavily zile za Thank you God.

They say smile, enjoy, laugh, joke a bit here and there but don’t forget to stop and take a photo because the best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the stores, but in the memories we make with the people we love. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart, and such are best kept in photos.

so we stopped at the parking to take a few and also on our way in.

I was dressed in a denim shirt and denim knee cut trouser with a black hat, brown handbag, golden dog chain and sneakers.

We finally agreed to take hot chicken soup as we were listening to songs being sang by the live band. I don’t know the name of the group but they totally and completely made my evening absolutely awesome, I couldn’t ask for a better relaxing evening than that. I would so love for them to sing on my birthday this coming month if only I knew the band name. They are awesome.

At around 6:30 pm we drove back home contented, relaxed and happy. It was such a great and fulfilling evening. Thanks to the band and the great soup I had haha.

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Love you my Lovelies.


dsc_0372 dsc_0359 dsc_0365 dsc_0362 dsc_0367 dsc_0363-2

LoL I wonder what I was saying in the below photo.dsc_0371 dsc_0361 dsc_0373 dsc_0357 dsc_0360 dsc_0358 dsc_0353 dsc_0355 dsc_0354 dsc_0364 dsc_0377 dsc_0379 dsc_0378

Denim shirt – La belle fashions

Knee cut trouser – hawker at MKU thika

Sneakers – bata

Hat – maasai market

Handbag – Sasa mall (can’t remember which shop exactly)

My sister my photographer Yeeeeyyy!


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