After a so involving and tiring day an evening rest beside the pool did me some justice.

I was out for work purpose moving from one place to the other. Being driven the whole day can be so tiring especially the back and the knee joints gets so strained. For those of you who have gone for a long journey in a small PSV car you surely understand the back pains, the knee joint pains and a times swelling of feet. Such long journeys or movement requires a very comfy car.

Yeah that’s how my whole of last week was like. Most of the days I will just go back to the hotel room late in the evening try to relax but after a few minutes I will doze off because of being so exhausted. So this faithful day I told myself I’m just gonna sit beside the pool and enjoy the late evening windy weather. That is what I did. As usual my camera is always with me, I made some few friends, took photos of them, who in return took photos of the outfit I had worn that day. Yes, that’s what friends are for, patting each other’s back LOL.

I was in a tie n’ dye dark blue jeggings, light blue vest top, a multi-colored chiffon top and sandals. I was so trimmed down.

I enjoyed the late evening windy weather for an hour then went back to my room for a warm shower.

How is the outfit? Leave a comment in the comment box below.


Fashion Quote:Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.’

Much love to you.


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outfit – My wardrobe

Photography – Different friends I met there



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