It was last week on Friday that I dressed in this awesome outfit.

Bringing pieces of clothes together to come up with a nice cozy look has been part of me or in me for the longest time possible…. I enjoy it. as they say, Fashion is what you buy but Style is what you do with it. Fashion comes with trends but style is in us and it is forever.

I styled my ragged cut denim trouser with a brown long sleeve polo neck, beaded red-orange and brown African necklace, a black belt, red-orange official high heels and then threw on top a short dark grey funny folded on the sleeve to complete the look.

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Love you Lovelies.



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On my lips-Cashmere lipstick from Macy’s beautyhub
Trouser and polo neck – Adams market
Shoes – Dynamic fashions
Beaded necklace – Maasai market
fanny – my wardrobe
Sunglasses – Friends.



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