Hey Lovelies, I promised to share photos of the magnificent Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort and also all my outfits that I wore there.

But first I would like to pass my heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones who have lost their beloved ones at the horrendous road accident in Naivasha. My prayers are with the families and Kenya at large. At this painful moment may God comfort the families and may He also Rest in Peace the Souls that left us. Farewell thee Loved Ones. To those who are still recovering in the hospital, Quick Recovery.

I woke up early Friday morning to go to the restaurant for breakfast when I saw these beautiful striped animals, Zebras enjoying the morning sunshine.


I had to pass by the conference room to drop my laptop bag-pack at the conference hall where we were holding the meetings, I stopped to take some photos at this awesome fish pond that has goldfish. I wish I cold take pictures of them but it seems that they were too scared at our site and so they went into hiding.

Yeah, now you know what I wore. Naivasha is naturally so cold, I had to keep myself warm with this brown polo neck which I styled with my multicolored African beaded necklace, my favorite wide-legged grey pants, two shades sunglasses, and carried my essentials in this sling bag.

As the meeting progressed we had some noise of a bird outside so loudly that it got all our attention, I dashed outside with my camera only to find this gorgeous beauty of a bird, I bet the most beautiful creature of all time which in all ways portrays the supremacy of God Almighty in heaven above. Whereas I love Butterflies a lot, I strongly dare to say that they ain’t as beautiful and adorable as this peacock. Isn’t it beautiful? You all agree with me right?



After some few minutes we went for a tea break where one of my colleagues took photos of my outfit below.dsc_0449






I wish I had plenty of time to go around that vast land of the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort taking epic timeless photos to share with you my lovelies. My time was so limited and so whichever minimal time I got I made maximum use of it taking a few pics of the place.
This comes at the prime moment of Christmas festive season, if you were wondering where to go then worry no more, find your way there and enjoy the great scenery of beautiful peacocks, the impalas and the zebras on your way to cottages, beautiful flower blooms, lively ponds, golf ground, enjoy going round with bikes and carts, and finally delicacies at their restaurant. I must say that I loved my stay there. Knowing that I had limited time to enjoy all the fun activities happening there, I would like to go back there again and again, this time round not for work purpose but just for holiday and to have fun.

Tomorrow I will share with you My 90’s teenager outfit that I wore at the Gala end year Dinner. It was exciting, we busted into laughter seeing how creative our colleagues were dressed in the 90s. It was so much fun. Stay locked in here for more.

Until tomorrow, be safe and keep praying for the bereaved family’s and those who are still recuperating at the hospital.

Love you Lovelies.
Outfit – my wardrobe (there are pieces of clothes that I’ve blogged on different times here on my blog, so browse the homepage to see how I styled them)
Sunglasses- Macy’s Beauty hub
On my lips – Huddah Lippie
Sling bag – Cici shoetic boutique
Location – The Great Rift Valley Country Lodge and Golf Resort



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